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Power Platform Weekly - Special Edition!

Power Platform Weekly - Special Edition!
By Power Platform Weekly • Issue #53 • View online
Welcome to a Special Edition of Power Platform Weekly!
In this issue, you will NOT find any links to articles or videos about new features. You will meet the curators 👋, the person who inspired us and we will look at some memorable moments from the year that has passed.
Time for celebration! 🥳 It’s funny how it almost feels like it’s one of the curators’ birthday, but it’s not, it’s the newsletter’s 1 year anniversary! Throughout this issue, you’ll find comments from subscribers and content creators. ✨

Power Platform Weekly
This week we’re celebrating one year with the newsletter! 🥳 All the valuable content from community contributors 🤩 and warm feedback from our subscribers 🥰 make us wanna do this 🗞 each week! @laskewitz @PoweredbyEdG @XrmWizard @CarinaMClaesson #MyTwitterAnniversary
Once upon a time....
… there was a newsletter called Dynamics Weekly. It was a perfect way to keep up with what is new within Microsoft BizApps and Power Platform. As a community contributor it felt great to be included in it!
When that newsletter saw its last day, all of a sudden there was a big void in the Power Platform universe and four people, from different parts of this planet, felt they had a mission to jump on.
Said and done, two weeks later Power Platform Weekly saw daylight and a new collaboration had been formed. 🌍 The community welcomed them warmly.
Thomas Sandsør | CRM Keeper 🇳🇴 | MVP
@pp_weekly @jukkan @LinkeD365 @MeganVWalker I am so happy that Mondays now have meaning again!!!

Missing the @DynamicsWeekly sooo badly allready :)
Carl Cookson ✊🏿🌈
@pp_weekly @CarinaMClaesson @jukkan @MeganVWalker Excellent work, was hoping someone would pick this up! Love the personas
Ivan Ficko #ProCodeNoCodeUnite
Since there is no Dynamics Weekly anymore 😥Now we have a new news hub on the block. Thank you guys for making our lives easier by keeping us up to date with the PP stuff, you rock 🤟
Thank you Guido Preite!
Power Platform Weekly had a chat with MVP Guido Preite – Carina M. Claesson
Meet the Curators
Power Platform Weekly is curated by four passionate people each week. Their goals are to broaden knowledge, shine light upon contributors and give a voice to the community.
Carina M. Claesson - Solution Architect. Lives on the west coast of Sweden. Works with customer implementations and ISV products. Blogs, runs Power Wiki. Gardens and nature enthusiast. Reads lots and lots of articles and adds them to the newsletter. Puts together the intro and proofreads (read very picky about details) the draft. Fun fact: Always the first and last editor of the draft!
Ed Gonzales - An avid polymath, Ed enjoys learning in many different areas. Podcast listener and creator, as well as video watcher, he runs our Podcast and Video sections and came up with the idea to include persona icons. Fun fact: In addition to being a student pilot and amateur radio enthusiast, Ed also fosters orphaned kittens.
Daniel Laskewitz - Power Platform SME (Subject Matter Expert), YouTuber, and recovering frequent flyer residing in the Netherlands. Big fan of the Power Platform community. Upcoming events seeker and the one who came up with the idea to use the Power Platform to make sure we never miss any Out of the Blue news. Fun Fact: Bought the ppweekly domain more than one year before all four of us even knew each other!
Magnus Gether Sørensen - Developer, Software Architect. Lives in Denmark. Works with the tough problems that requires a developer and overall architecture of Dynamics systems. Blogs. Spare time spent on gaming, house renovation and partying. Reads lots of articles each week, ensures that nothing is missed in the articles and tools & code. Fun fact: Initially came with a list of blogs for us to follow and may have an own db with old community blog posts!
Thank you Community Contributors!
Every single week at least one new author has been added to the newsletter. In total we have had 204 unique authors.
Each week we feature special insightful content. This is not reserved for the few - in fact 57 unique authors have been featured. However, some are featured more than others. This is the top 5 most featured authors.
Jukka Niiranen 15 times
Tae Rim Han 8 times
Thank you all community contributors! Without you keeping us busy, the weeks would be a little less fun for us. You are doing a great job helping others learn more about different topics, how to solve specific problems and simply making it more fun and less troublesome working with the Power Platform and related technologies!
Tae Rim Han
@pp_weekly @TheCRMNinja @mattbdevaney Thank you so much for including my post in this week's PP Weekly! So many great posts to read!! 🤩
EY Kalman |#ProCodeNoCodeUnite |Microsoft MVP/MCT
@pp_weekly @mattbdevaney @taerimhan So thrilled to be a part of this again this week, and LOVE that my blog post image is the default image for the newsletter! :D
Thank you Subscribers and Followers!
We are especially grateful to you, our audience. Your feedback and support have helped shape the newsletter into what it is today and will continue to shape it into the future.
We have over 1,100 subscribers now and look forward to growing that number while continuing to engage with our audience in more meaningful ways. About 33% have opened more than 6 of the last 10 issues, which is a significant increase from just six months ago. Our hope is to find the balance in content that has more than half of our audience opening every issue. And with all of the great content available, there should be something for everyone! 🙂
Thanks for the support throughout this last year, spreading the word about our newsletter, and showing us your appreciation! It means the world to us and is tremendously rewarding to see messages like the ones below:
Emīls Ērglis
Just registered for the @pp_weekly newsletter. It's awesome!🤩 A bundle of wonderful materials collected by the community and shared with the community. Thanks!
Chad Althaus
@pp_weekly @WizOfD365 @joegilldotcom @KylieKiser Thanks to @CarinaMClaesson, @laskewitz, @PoweredbyEdG, and @XrmWizard for compiling so many activities each week! 👏This makes it easy to have a one-stop shop if we didn't stay current throughout the week. I feel like my head spins every week as I try to keep up.
Memorable Moments
Below is a chronological ordering of important events the past year as well as feedback on LinkedIn. We 💙 your support!
October 5, 2020 : Last issue of Dynamics Weekly.
October 12, 2020 : First (virtually) meeting. Quickly agreed we wanted to continue after the chapter that Guido Preite had closed, but now with a Power Platform focus.
October 19, 2020 : #1 was released 🥳 and sent to 6 subscribers.
October 20, 2020: Mentioned in the UP Podcast. “Re-imagined” and “Next generation” 🥰
October 22, 2020 : Mentioned by Jon Levesque at Power Platform Community Conference. The number of subscribers went up! 🤩
October 26, 2020: #2 was released and sent to 413 subscribers
November 2020 : Featured 70 authors so far, 592 subscribers
Happy New Year 2020! : Over 100 authors and 20 different featured authors, 653 subscribers
March 2021 : 30 featured authors, 794 subscribers
April 2021 : Over 150 authors, 871 subscribers
May 2021: 40 featured authors, 923 subscribers
July 2021: 50 featured authors, 995 subscribers
October 2021: Over 200 authors, 1132 subscribers
We are looking forward to finding new authors and to feature both new and old community superstars!
Call to Action!
We would love to feature new community contributors. If you just started a new blog, podcast, YouTube channel or is an organizer of events, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re looking for YOUR content!
That was all for now, we hope you have enjoyed this year with the newsletter and this special edition. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback.
You can reach out to us on Twitter  or LinkedIn.
Now we’ll leave you with this lovely tweet from one of the community superstars and helpful tools creator!
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